The Two Branches Of Memorization And Meditation

At this point we will begin to look at Anchor Points in some detail.  A good way to describe the Anchor Points system is to view it as a healthy living tree with two strong limbs branching off of the main trunk.  These two limbs represent the two major disciplines or points of focus in the Anchor Points system.  One limb represents scripture memorization and the other represents scripture meditation.  We have stated elsewhere that with Anchor Points, memorization is meditation.  This should become apparent as you begin to listen to the scriptures offered here.  While it is true that memorization equals meditation in this system, there are some variations in how we approach the two separate but related branches. 

To avoid confusion, let me be clear here, any Anchor Points scripture may always be used as either an aid to memorization or as a meditation or both.  It is only the steps that one might take relative to learning and applying the scripture that vary.  In no way do the variances in one branch adversely affect the effectiveness of the other.  However, for example, there are certain features associated with meditation that will need to be understood to get the maximum benefit from that discipline.  It is not necessary to fully understand these things if ones aim is solely to employ Anchor Points for the purpose of memorizing scripture.  On the other hand, knowing and applying those elements will likely facilitate the process of memorization as well. 

In the Anchor Points system, much attention has been given to literary and poetic devices that facilitate memory retention.  These serve both memorization and meditation equally well.  While we will address memory aids more thoroughly in another place, suffice it to say that the prerecorded Anchor Points scriptures are designed to be listened to simply as presented for maximal memory retention.  Further explanation should not be needed to enhance the benefit from the scriptures as presented.  There are printed copies of every scripture included with each download.  You will find that the printed version can be quite helpful during the learning phase and is also very useful for review and easy reference related to ministry.

There are many excellent resources supporting memorization.  To summarize them somewhat simplistically but accurately, the best way to memorize is to put in the work and then review what you have committed to memory on a consistent ongoing basis. Do the work, reap the harvest.  It’s always been this way and it always will, but we think that by employing the Anchor Points method, the work will be much easier and personally satisfying from the moment you begin.  Check out our soon to be coming coverage on the topic of Memorization for a much more complete description of scripture memorization.